Fall 2017: The Evolution of Science

Our Fall 2017 issue is now available online: The Evolution of Science! Articles are posted individually as blog posts (the articles are linked below), a PDF version is currently displayed on our Archives page, and print issues will be available around Harvard’s campus starting Spring 2018. We hope you enjoy browsing through this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together! A big thank you to our dedicated staff and supporting sponsors.


Table of Contents:


Feeling Blue: How Instagram Activity Can Provide Insight into Behavioral Health by Julia Canick ’18

Cyborg Bacteria: Catching Light by Michelle Koh ’21


The Theory of Everything, Challenged by Connie Cai ’21

A History of Microscopy by Kelvin Li ’21

The Limitations of Science Where it Matters Most by Will Bryk ’19


The Evolution of the Tetrapod Forelimb by Priya Amin ’19

A Political Symbiosis by Michael Xie ’20


Cutting Time: A Brief History of Surgery by Jeongmin Lee ’19

Why Racial Prejudice Isn’t Scientifically Sound: The Evolving Concept of Race in Science by Jessica Moore ’21

Geoengineering: Turning Back the Climate Change Clock? by Sandip Nirmel ’21

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