Each printed issue includes three major sections: News & Views (News Briefs and Commentaries), Feature Articles, and General Articles. Writers can choose to write any of these types of articles for our printed magazine. While most writers choose to write one article per semester, you are free to propose additional content (e.g., one article and one report, one article and a news brief, etc.) if you wish!

1.  Feature Articles:

This section is the heart of each issue, drawing a majority of the selected submissions.  Articles are 3-5 pages, single-spaced. While topics should be covered in scientific depth, the presentation (i.e. language and tone) must remain accessible to a general audience.  Articles tend  to  be  divided  into  1-2  introductory  paragraphs, followed by 3-5 sections focusing on different aspects of the topic. The first section often gives background, and the last gives an outlook on the future of the topic.

2. General Articles:

These articles present groundbreaking research in any field on any subject of interest to the writer. General articles are of the same length and style as feature articles. Note that General Articles are not historical accounts and should still be about recent scientific advances.

3. Commentaries:

Commentaries are about a page in length and take a clear, definite stance on a current issue in science. Commentaries are not rants; issues and opinions are presented fully and fairly.

4. News Briefs:

News Briefs are short (~1 page) and report a recent and significant scientific finding. Briefs involving Harvard researchers are preferred.

For more information on the writing process and our guidelines for submissions, check out our Fall 2021 Writers Guide and Style Guide.

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