What is the Harvard Science Review?

Harvard Science Review is the longest running undergraduate science publication on campus (in our 33rd year!). Since its inception, the Harvard Science Review has sought to bring cutting-edge research, central debates, and new implications of scientific ideas to a wide community of scientists and non-scientists alike.

For many, it offers enormous intellectual, professional, and/or social opportunities. For pretty much everyone, it offers an enormous array of fun, interesting scientific ideas.

We believe that the secret to our success is openness. For new members, that means that we don’t require any “comp” process. Instead, we want you to jump right in! For all members, our commitment to openness means that we seek articles that are accessible and engaging. This organization runs on the idea that science is for everyone, especially in the year 2021. If you agree, please join us.

To get involved, please reach out to harvard.sci.review@gmail.com!

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