Sleeping On Your Desk

By: Jeongmin Lee Maybe it’s 10 in the morning or maybe it’s 2 o’clock p.m., but as soon as that professor starts his or her lecture, blackout. The natural circadian rhythm is severely altered throughout life. For many students, the sleeping cycle hits during class. While some people stay attentive all day working nine toContinue reading “Sleeping On Your Desk”

You vs. Your Grocery

by Jeongmin Lee NO CHOLESTEROL! ZERO TRANS FAT! ALL NATURAL! Hundreds of labels bombard consumers in the grocery store, vying for their wallets and claiming to offer health benefits. It would take only a quick glimpse to notice recurring slogans, many of which use terminology unfamiliar to the general public. The “Gluten-free!” sign may indicateContinue reading “You vs. Your Grocery”