Slime Mold: The Small, Ugly, and Extraordinary

by Tristan Wang Slime molds are some of the world’s ancient mysteries. From the independent unicellular amoeba to the cooperation of many individuals, these globs of ooze share biological functions that few other species or even kingdoms exhibit. Even though they are not seen conspicuously in our day-to-day lives, slime molds may hold the keyContinue reading “Slime Mold: The Small, Ugly, and Extraordinary”

Fear vs. Fact: The Modern Anti-Vaccination Movement

by Brendan Pease “It just seemed like it was impossible,” said Kathryn Riffenburg, a resident of nearby Chicopee, Massachusetts. “We went from sitting in the hospital day by day, waiting for him to get better for almost two weeks, to doctors telling us we had a 50/50 chance he was going to make it.” TwoContinue reading “Fear vs. Fact: The Modern Anti-Vaccination Movement”

Mortality and Morality: The Ethics of Ebola

by Jackson Allen If not controlled within sixty days, the United Nations warned recently, the current Ebola outbreak will lead to an unprecedented and unplanned situation (1). Over the past year, the epidemic has been building in three countries in West Africa: Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Outside of public health circles, the outbreak remainedContinue reading “Mortality and Morality: The Ethics of Ebola”

Monarch Butterflies and the Plight of Migratory Species

by Caitlin Andrews Each year, on the last day of October, people in Mexico honor their ancestors and deceased loved ones during the holiday of Day of the Dead. Over three days of celebration, they march in parades wearing colorful masks and costumes, build ornate altars, and decorate gravestones with orange marigolds—gifts to the departed.Continue reading “Monarch Butterflies and the Plight of Migratory Species”

Defeating Malaria: A Vision for the Future

by Serena Blacklow “I was visited by a mother, Tibangwa Sarah, whose daughter had a severe fever. The malaria rapid diagnostic test was negative, so I wrote her a referral to the health centre for more tests. Instead, because she didn’t trust me, she went to the drug shop, bought the wrong drugs and theContinue reading “Defeating Malaria: A Vision for the Future”

Shale Gas: The Future of Energy Production?

by Eleni Apostolatos Science classes introduce us to the rather abstract concept of energy—a system’s ability to do work. The world’s current energy dependency proves the basis of this physical fact; from charging our phones to powering our hospitals, energy drives humans’ daily activities. Regardless of where in the globe we stand, we all needContinue reading “Shale Gas: The Future of Energy Production?”

Chimeras and the Making of Human Organs

by Francisco Galdos For centuries, humans have marveled at the ancient myths of chimeras—from Homeric references to half lion-half goat beasts, to Kafka’s frightening tale of the metamorphosis of a man into an insect, and to the ancient Greek legend of the horse Pegasus, whose winged horse body allowed the hero Bellerophon to kill theContinue reading “Chimeras and the Making of Human Organs”

The Making of a Beta Cell: Toward a Cure for Diabetes

by Francisco Galdos Two blocks from my apartment in Bogotá is a small bakery that specializes in making a typical Colombian bread known as a roscón. Roscones are made with a sweet bread that is filled with a caramel like spread known as arequipe and is baked in the shape of a large donut. FreshContinue reading “The Making of a Beta Cell: Toward a Cure for Diabetes”

Current Developments in Ebola

by Carrie Sha By March of 2014, it was clear that something was wrong. In treatment centers throughout Guéckédou, a small town of 300,000 in Southern Guinea, a number of patients had high fevers, diarrhea, and unexplainable pain (1). Medical responders in Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) who were already stationed in Guinea forContinue reading “Current Developments in Ebola”

To Infinity and Beyond: The Launch of SpaceX’s First Reusable Rocket

by Shree Bose In a generation where rapid innovations have reshaped the way we interact, learn, and work, Silicon Valley technologist, Elon Musk, is attempting to revolutionize a field out of this world – the way we explore space. Since the 1950s, with international tensions soaring high, space has been a stage for national competition,Continue reading “To Infinity and Beyond: The Launch of SpaceX’s First Reusable Rocket”