Current Developments in Ebola

by Carrie Sha By March of 2014, it was clear that something was wrong. In treatment centers throughout Guéckédou, a small town of 300,000 in Southern Guinea, a number of patients had high fevers, diarrhea, and unexplainable pain (1). Medical responders in Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) who were already stationed in Guinea forContinue reading “Current Developments in Ebola”

Overstepping your Passion? The Science of Obsession

by Carrie Sha The famous late nineteenth-century writer Franz Kafka once counseled, “Follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” Although his advice seems to be a simple call for following our passions, it can easily lead us astray. After all, Shakespeare’s Hamlet was haunted by “what dreams may come after we have shuffled off this mortalContinue reading “Overstepping your Passion? The Science of Obsession”

The Science of Alcohol Addiction

by Carrie Sha It’s a Friday night. House parties. Drinking games. Red solo cups. It’s a common sight. But where does the college drinking culture come from and where can we draw the thin line between being in control of alcohol and having alcohol control you? Approximately one out of five college students meet the NationalContinue reading “The Science of Alcohol Addiction”