LIGO’s Discovery: Understanding the Gravity of the Situation

By: Alex Zapien History was made on February 11, 2016 when the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) Scientific and Virgo collaboration teams confirmed the existence of gravitational waves, ripples that propagate in the fabric of spacetime generated by gravitational interactions once predicted by Albert Einstein. The announcement sparked widespread excitement in the scientific community. Many describedContinue reading “LIGO’s Discovery: Understanding the Gravity of the Situation”

Redefining Home?: The Discovery of “Planet X”

By: Alex Zapien How should we define the solar system? Most people would point to and agree with the Merriam Webster definition: “the Sun together with the groups of celestial bodies that are held by its attraction and revolve around it”(1). For decades, people have been accustomed to the familiar names of the Sun and theContinue reading “Redefining Home?: The Discovery of “Planet X””

A New Horizon in Astronomy

by Alex Zapien While we comfortably spend our days doing work, going outside, and even watching Netflix, history is currently being made; the astronomical frontier of human exploration is being augmented to the point that it is literally out of this world. One of the major reasons for this is the New Horizons spacecraft. NewContinue reading “A New Horizon in Astronomy”