A (Dis?)harmonious Union: Chimeras

By: Una Choi Background: Animal Chimeras Chimeras prefigure prominently in classical and modern mythology; creatures ranging from the Greek chimera, a monster bearing lion, goat, and serpent anatomy, to the modernized hippogriffs found in popular fantasy fiction today have captured imaginations for centuries. Biologically, animal chimeras are organisms containing two disparate genomes. Natural chimeras areContinue reading “A (Dis?)harmonious Union: Chimeras”

What to do with Virtual Reality

By: Jeongmin Lee Innovators have gone out of their way to open up a new dimension we all can experience as virtual reality; however, one of the greatest questions regarding this technology can be summed in two words: what now? Virtual reality utilizes computer technology to immerse a user into a simulated world. It takesContinue reading “What to do with Virtual Reality”

Climate Change: What Sweden’s Doing that Trump Isn’t

By: Jia Jia Zhang Imagine living in a greenhouse-gas emission and rubbish free environment. Hard to envision? Not for Sweden. The country’s revolutionary recycling system works so efficiently that Sweden has been importing rubbish from other countries for several years to sustain its recycling plants (1). Even better, as of February 2, 2017, the progressiveContinue reading “Climate Change: What Sweden’s Doing that Trump Isn’t”

Machine Learning: The Future of Healthcare

By: Puneet Gupta The U.S. healthcare system is a mess. Both the system’s infrastructure, such as the role of insurance companies, and its clinical aspects, such as how care is provided, are lacking in multiple ways. Though improvements in the infrastructure are necessary, this article will primarily discuss and suggest changes to the clinical sideContinue reading “Machine Learning: The Future of Healthcare”

Innocent Until Proven Free? The Question of Neuroscience and Moral Responsibility

By: Kristina Madjoska “Plead insanity!” you might have heard Detective Cohle say to some of his interrogees in the show True Detective. Even if you have not watched True Detective, chances are you have heard of the term insanity plea. The idea that moral and legal responsibility is alleviated when a person cannot control theirContinue reading “Innocent Until Proven Free? The Question of Neuroscience and Moral Responsibility”

The New Age of Aging Research

By: Eric Sun Aging. To some, this word symbolizes equality, wisdom, and progress; to others, this word represents weakness, disease, and death. To me, aging has taken on a mixed meaning. When I was a small child, I remember lying awake in bed and counting my heartbeats as if the thumping in my chest was alsoContinue reading “The New Age of Aging Research”

The Discovery of Metallic Hydrogen

By: Felipe Flores The generation of metallic hydrogen by Professor Isaac Silvera and postdoctoral fellow Ranga Dias, PhD represents a crucial advance in the field of high-pressure physics. Originally theorised in 1935 by physicists Eugene Wigner and Hillard Bell Huntington, the ongoing project was finally brought to fruition at Harvard University in January 2017. BothContinue reading “The Discovery of Metallic Hydrogen”

Habitat Conversion: A Major Driver of Species Loss

By Priya Amin What causes species loss? As biodiversity has become increasingly threatened, the call to understand the impact of human activity on species around the world has become particularly urgent. Drivers of species loss include climate change, pollution, and habitat conversion. Climate change has been linked to rising levels of carbon dioxide, which areContinue reading “Habitat Conversion: A Major Driver of Species Loss”

Dimensional Analysis

By: Julia Canick Most people accept that reality has three spatial dimensions. But what if that is not true? Scientists are now considering the notion that we inhabit a holographic universe—that is, a universe in which we exist on a two dimensional surface where the information on the surface is presented in three dimensions. TheContinue reading “Dimensional Analysis”

Spring 2017: Changing Reality

Our Spring 2017 issue is now available online: Changing Reality! Articles are posted individually as blog posts (the articles are linked below), a PDF version is currently displayed on our Archives page, and print issues will be available around Harvard’s campus starting Fall 2017. We hope you enjoy browsing this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together!Continue reading “Spring 2017: Changing Reality”