Spring 2017: Changing Reality

Our Spring 2017 issue is now available online: Changing Reality! Articles are posted individually as blog posts (the articles are linked below), a PDF version is currently displayed on our Archives page, and print issues will be available around Harvard’s campus starting Fall 2017. We hope you enjoy browsing this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together!


Table of Contents:


Dimensional Analysis by Julia Canick ‘17

Habitat Conversion: A Major Driver of Species Loss by Priya Amin ‘19

The Discovery of Metallic Hydrogen by Felipe Flores ‘19


A (Dis?)harmonious Union: Chimeras by Una Choi ‘19

The New Age of Aging Research by Eric Sun ‘20

Innocent Until Proven Free? The Question of Neuroscience and Moral Responsibility by Kristina Madjoska ‘19

Machine Learning: The Future of Healthcare by Puneet Gupta ‘18


Climate Change: What Sweden’s Doing That Trump Isn’t by Jia Jia Zhang ‘20

What To Do With Virtual Reality by Jeongmin Lee ‘19

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