Spring 2016: In and Out of Focus

We are happy to release our Spring 2016 issue: In and Out of Focus! Articles are posted individually as blog posts (the links are listed below). We also have a PDF version available on our Archives page. Print issues will be available around Harvard’s campus starting early Fall 2016!


Table of Contents:


LIGO’s Discovery: Understanding the Gravity of the Situation by Alex Zapien ‘19

Survival of the Fittest: Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory Applied to Programming Languages by Eleni Apostolatos ‘18

Redefining Home?: The Discovery of “Planet X” by Alex Zapien ‘19

Space Tourism and You by Priya Amin ‘19


Sleeping on Your Desk by Jeongmin Lee ‘19

Human Genome Editing: A Slippery Slope by Alissa Zhang ‘16

Eye in the Sky by Grace Chen ‘19


Prions and Small Particles: Micro Solutions to a Macro Problem by Caroline Wechsler ‘19

Critical Periods: Envisioning New Treatments for Lazy Eye by Audrey Effenberger ‘19

Cellular Senescence: Age and Cancer by Una Choi ‘19

Getting a Feel for Cosmic Events by William Bryk ‘19

Lower Extremity Exoskeletons by Patrick Anderson ‘17

The Battlefield is the Lab: Curing Type I Diabetes by Felipe Flores ‘19

Solving the Brain Puzzle by Kristina Madjoska ‘19

Immunotherapy Against Cancer by Elliot Eton ‘19


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