Fall 2015: Invaders & Defenders

Check out our Fall 2015 issue on Invaders & Defenders! Articles are posted individually as blog posts (links below). We also have a full issue in ISSUU (below) and PDF format (on our Archives page). Print issues are also available around Harvard’s campus!



Table of Contents:


A New Horizon in Astronomy by Alex Zapien ‘19

Invasion of the Brain Eaters by Julia Canick ‘17

The Virus that Came in from the Cold by Alissa Zhang ‘16

G(ut)enetics: The Genetic Influence on our Internal Symbionts by Austin Valido ‘18

Skin Regeneration in Wound Repair by Madeline Bradley ‘18

Citizen Science and Sudden Oak Death by Sophia Emmons-Bell ‘18

Treatment as Prevention: Updates on Efforts to Combat the HIV/AIDS Pandemic by Elliot Eton ‘19

Tuberculosis Declines in the US but Remains a Global Health Threat by Jacqueline Epstein ‘18

Bio-Inspired Slippery Surface Technology Repels Fouling Agents by Serena Blacklow ‘17

You vs. Your Grocery by Jeongmin Lee ‘19

Invading the Human Heart by Hanson Tam ‘19

The Simple Science of a Grandiose Mind by Kristina Madjoska ‘19

Kinesics: What Are You Really Saying? by Priya Amin ‘19



Fetal Microchimerism by Grace Chen ‘19

Microchimerism: The More, the Merrier by Una Choi ‘19

Parasitic Cancer: Paradox and Perspective by Audrey Effenberger ‘19

Genetically Engineered Viruses Combat Invasive Cancer by Caroline Wechsler ‘19

To the Rescue: Insects in Sustainable Agriculture by Ada Bielawski ‘18

Genetically Modified Crops as Invaders and Allies by Sophie Westbrook ‘19

Earth’s Missiles, Ready to Go? by Eesha Khare ‘17

“Invaders from Earth!”: Exploring the Possibilities of Extraterrestrial Colonization by J. Rodrigo Leal ‘16

Laws of Nature Defending Our Information: Quantum Cryptography by Felipe Flores ‘19

Artificial Superintelligence: The Coming Revolution by William Bryk ‘19

Fight or Flight: When Stress Becomes our own Worst Enemy by Anjali Chandra ‘19



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